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Our Plans

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Bootstrap Plan

£2000 £1000/year

Free until July 1st then
50% off until June 2022

> Unlimited open source projects
> 10 closed source projects 
> 500 analyses per day
> Text, HTML, JSON reports
> CI integration
> Basic API access
> Email support

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Professional Plan

£7000 £3500/year

Free until July 1st then
50% off until June 2022

> Unlimited open source projects
> 100 closed source projects
> 5000 analyses per day
> Text, HTML, JSON, PDF reports
> CI integration
> Full API access
> Licence inventory
> Email support

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Hear from one of our customers


"Meterian's licence inventory feature was extremely useful, saving us more than a week's worth of exhausting email exchange with our internal Legal & IP department. The tool also detected two potentially vulnerable components in our final software package and more than 30 open-source software components that were out of date. Meterian's "autofix" feature resolved all the issues automatically in a few minutes."

Technical Project Officer in R&D Team
Distributed peer-to-peer system
Public services firm with 1,001-5,000 employees


Growing your business? And not enough time or money to invest in cybersecurity?

Cyber-proof your software today to avoid bogging down your developers and business with tasks that can be easily and safely automated at the speed of their development.

Meterian will help protect your software apps' open source supply chain risks of:

  • Security vulnerabilities publicly available for hackers to exploit
  • Stability risks due to out-of-date software components
  • Software licence violations

Good for digital transformation, cyber due diligence, and IP and data protection compliance.